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Our makeup artist course in Chandigarh is meticulously crafted to deliver hands-on, practical training that equips students with the skills needed for real-world careers. At Zuri Beauty Institute, we offer comprehensive beautician courses designed to provide advanced beauty training. Enroll in our Advanced Beauty Course to delve into a makeup masterclass, covering a spectrum from Bollywood glam to achieving the natural ‘no-makeup’ look. Kickstart your career with India’s premier Beauty Academy and explore our Free Makeup Seminar.

Discovering the perfect beauty course is effortless at Zuri International School of Hair, Makeup & Beauty. We boast an extensive catalog featuring over 110 courses that span the entire spectrum of Beauty and Wellness. Our curriculum encompasses practical training in cosmetology, aesthetics, hair styling, makeup artistry, nail extensions & art, eyelash extensions, airbrush technologies, spa techniques, nutrition & dietetics, laser therapies, Ayurveda, mehndi, salon management, and more. Whether you aim to specialize or broaden your expertise, our institute offers a diverse range of courses to cater to every aspect of the beauty industry.

Top Makeup Institute in Chandigarh

Beauty Professionals Association a division of National Association for Professionals and Skill Certification Council (NAPSCC) the only organization of its kind for the Beauty industry to elevate and empower the beauty professionals with its core values and to Educate, Encourage, Evolve, Empower, Embrace & Excel by advocating & promoting the beauty Profession as one of the top career choices in India and globally.

The Beauty Professionals Association operates under the umbrella of the National Association for Professionals and Skill Certification Council (NAPSCC). It stands as a unique organization in the beauty industry, dedicated to uplifting and empowering beauty professionals through its core values. Their mission is to Educate, Encourage, Evolve, Empower, Embrace, and Excel, advocating for the beauty profession as one of the foremost career choices in India and worldwide.

For those in Chandigarh seeking the finest makeup artist courses, ZURI Makeup Academy presents an excellent choice. Their accredited professional makeup and hair courses offer comprehensive training in the artistry of makeup. ZURI encompasses a range of programs essential for success in various industries, including Fashion Designing, Dress Designing (Garment Fabrication), Beauty — Make-up, Hair & Skin, and Interior Designing. If you’re looking for an institution that delivers top-tier programs incorporating the latest skills and technology, ZURI should undoubtedly feature prominently on your list.

“The BVoc degree is recognised course and is at par with other bachelor’s degrees offered by the UGC in Chandigarh, Punjab.

· Students pursuing a Bachelor of Vocational Studies (B.Voc) in Beauty and Wellness will get in-depth information and practical skills in the beauty and wellness business. The program’s goals are as follows:

· The programme seeks to improve students’ knowledge and understanding of the science underlying beauty and wellness practices.

· Students will learn about the human body’s anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and the impact of various treatments and therapies on the body.

· The B.Voc Beauty & Wellness course will equip students with the information and skills to create and run their beauty and wellness companies. Business management, marketing, and financial management will be taught to students.

· The program aims to give students hands-on experience in beauty and wellness services like hair care, skincare, makeup, spa therapies, aromatherapy, yoga, and more.

Committed to providing beauty education at par with international standards, Zuri Academy of Beauty & Makeup offers a diverse array of courses encompassing all facets essential for excelling in the fashion industry, makeup artistry, and beauty domain. Renowned as the pioneering makeup school, Zuri Academy takes pride in introducing a continuing education program, setting the precedent for the most advanced makeup classes available in India.

Course Duration

Bachelor of Vocational Studies (B.Voc) is a three-year degree program offered at University.


The minimum eligibility to take admission in B.Voc is 10+2 (in any stream) or equivalent or 2 year ITI Diploma after Class 10th or 3 Year Polytechnic Diploma after Class 10th.

Career Path

The beauty and wellness industry offers a range of job opportunities for graduates of Bachelor of Vocational Studies (B.Voc.) in Beauty and Wellness.

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