Blockchain In the Education System: Advantages and Use Cases

Dr Ajay Sharma
4 min readDec 7, 2021

Blockchain, The growing impact in the field of education

Blockchain: The growing impact in the field of education

Full accessibility of knowledge, streamlined management, and creating more incentives to learn through gamification and rewards are among the achievements of educational institutions that are embracing blockchain technology. Schools, Colleges, and Universities must take their first steps to innovation and integrate blockchain if they are to survive in such a competitive environment.

Importance In Education Sector: Blockchain is a term that was not commonly used until a few years ago. Whereas today, we are hearing a lot about it in the field of economy. There are many examples where blockchain and cryptocurrency have been used interchangeably. For example, blockchain and bitcoin. The way its use continues to grow has also raised the question of whether this technology can be used in other areas such as the education sector.

Utility in the field of education

1. Student record
Many types of labor activities are required in any institution or university, in which the main thing is to create and maintain student records. This technology can be very useful in allowing students to keep, upgrade and securely access this record of students.

2. Issuing degrees, diplomas
The institute or university can extract the student’s degree and diploma documents from paper and store them on the blockchain. It can also be beneficial to the recruiting organization in that they do not require employers to go through the document verification process.

3. Information Storage
Any institution and university can use blockchain based cloud services to store essential information such as courses, records, required regulatory documents and other information.

4. Course assessment
Blockchain can also be used for smart contracts. It can aid a course training to make smart contracts, outlining a list of tasks required for the completion of the course. Every time a student completes a task, it is verified by a smart contract. Once all assignments are completed, students can be awarded credit for the course.

5. Digital exam
One of the most affected areas due to Corona was the education sector. Institutions and universities have had to look for out-of-class alternatives, due to which digital platforms by boxfy are witnessing high growth. Using the smart contract concept on the blockchain, trainees can create test papers with answer keys and scoring patterns. Whereas students can take exams digitally and it can also be used to grade responses.

6. Transfer of Records
Students have to face a lot of difficulties while taking admission from one institute to another. With the help of blockchain, student records can be easily passed from one institution to another. Apart from this, many tasks can be done with the help of this technology.

Blockchain In the Education System: Use Cases

Records of Students
Certificates and Diplomas
File Storage
Courses And Lessons

“ The most promising use case for blockchain in higher education is to transform the “record keeping” of degrees, certificates and diplomas ”

Digital certificates built on a blockchain hold significant advantages over traditional soft copies. Here are the advantages

  • Blockchain-enabled digital certificates are immutable and cannot be forged
  • The records are stored on a distributed ledger, hence certificates can be only evaluated by anyone who has access to the blockchain
  • Since the records are stored in a shared distributed ledger, the certificate can still be validated even if the organization that had issued it no longer exists
  • The digital certificates stored in the ledger can only be destroyed if all the copies in every system are destroyed.

Blockchain replaces paper

This is another use case of blockchain in education. It has always been a serious concern for the educational institutions around the world how to carefully preserve the paper-based school certificates, degrees, diplomas, and other course certificates of the students who pass out every year. These sensitive documents are always prone to get lost over time.

Blockchain could be the ultimate solution to securely preserve these mammoth-sized documents in a distributed ledger. Once put in the blockchain, the information about a student’s grades and the courses will neither get lost nor tampered. It is also nearly impossible to alter or falsify the information.

Keeping records safe and easily accessible in the cloud

Students have lost/misplaced their certification on several occasions, especially when they had needed it the most. There are students from war-torn areas, who are looking out for academics elsewhere, and there are also students of a school whose server breaks down or the data completely wiped out, for some reason. In such cases, blockchain in education can come to their rescue. Students can hugely benefit from blockchain-encrypted credentials.

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