Bridal Makeup & Hair course and training in India by top school of makeup and beauty

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3 min readMar 15, 2024


Top makeup and beauty schools in India offer comprehensive bridal makeup and hair courses. Whatever your case, as the best makeup academy in India, we have solutions for everyone aspiring to enter the world of beauty, makeup, and glamour!

Our courses cover bridal makeup, glamour, creativity, SFX, Airbrush, and the latest hair styling techniques, preparing you for various roles in the industry. Whether you aspire to be a makeup artist, hairstylist, or independent professional, Zuri equips you with the essential skills for success.

What you’ll learn:

  • Applying beautiful, soft glamorous bridal makeup stress-free on your wedding day
  • Creating the perfect bridal makeup look for confident clients
  • Tips to become the best bridal makeup artist in your area
  • Skincare tips for destressing the bride
  • Providing the perfect bridal trial for yourself and your clients
  • Everything you need to know for doing your own bridal makeup
  • Learning three of the most popular easy bridal makeup looks in 2024
  • Understanding health and safety with a bonus resource helps guide
  • Identifying eyeshadow colors that suit you or your clients
  • Understanding eye shapes to enhance bridal glamour

Course Learning Highlights:

  • Red Carpet Look
  • Creamy Contouring and Highlighting
  • Full Cut-Crease Eyes Makeup
  • Muslim Bridal Makeup
  • High-Definition Makeup (HD)
  • Realistic Old-Age Makeup
  • Media Makeup & Double Cut-Crease Eye Makeup
  • Arabic Eye Makeup & Bengali Bindi Designing
  • Learn a range of specialist SFX techniques
  • Use makeup to create realistic scars, burns, and blisters
  • Use of flat molds to create a variety of realistic wounds and injuries such as swollen eyes.
  • Halo Eyes Makeup Look
  • Engagement Makeup
  • Bengali Bridal Makeup Look
  • Male Makeup
  • International Fantasy Makeup
  • Christian Bridal Makeup
  • Airbrush Makeup
  • Basic makeup and hair techniques for film, TV, and stage
  • Period Makeup and Hair, with a focus on one iconic look for each period.
  • Installation and Care of Airbrush Machine
  • Face & Body Creative Makeup (Aqua Colors)
  • Special Effect Makeup

Hair Dressing and Barbering course and training in India

Embark on your journey in the captivating world of hairdressing with our Beginners Diploma in Hairdressing Course. Hairdressing, an age-old practice embraced by individuals across cultures, is the art of cutting and styling hair, celebrated for its beauty and versatility.

In our course, you’ll:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of hairdressing products, tools, and equipment.
  • Familiarize yourself with the terminology, geometry, and methodology essential in hairdressing and barbering.
  • Master basic cutting skills for women, laying the foundation for more intricate styling techniques.
  • Explore the fundamentals of barbering, utilizing clippers, trimmers, and thinning scissors.
  • Learn the art of blow-drying and perfecting finishing techniques to add flair to your creations.

Join us and unlock the door to a fulfilling career where creativity and skill intertwine to transform hair into works of art. A career as a bridal makeup artist and hair stylist is one of the many options available to those who complete a course in makeup artistry. One can get a certificate in makeup artist courses at HD Makeover to begin their career as a makeup artist. After completing your formal education at a makeup artist school, you can work as a cosmetologist/ make-up artist in a salon, parlor, spa, hotel, or film.



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