Eyelash extensions course in Chandigarh

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Eyelash extensions course and training in Chandigarh and Punjab. Eyelash extensions are incredibly popular in the beauty industry and have quickly become one of the fastest-growing treatments worldwide. Clients love this service, and with regular maintenance, these individual lash extensions can last up to two months. Due to the high demand for eyelash extensions course in Eyelash extensions people trained in this skill are valuable assets to any beauty business or can successfully start their own business offering this treatment.

Eyelash extensions course in Chandigarh

Learn the skills and knowledge required to apply eyelash extensions for added length and thickness of natural lashes to meet client needs. Skills include: the ability to consult with clients, select suitable products and equipment to apply, in-fill, and remove damaged eyelash extensions training in Chandigarh.


Part 1. Theory — Eyelash extensions

· Tools & equipment

· Lash tweezers

· Lash types

· Lash cycle

· Allergies & eye infections

· Lash maps

· Lash palettes

· Client consultation

Part 2. Practicing — Eyelash extensions

· Practice classic on mannequin head

· Client lash preparation

· Classic lash application on a model

· 2d & 3d volume lash fans

· Practicing exercise

· Volume lashes on a model

· Hybrid lashes on a model

· Bottom lashes

· Lash removals

Part 3. Business Steps — Eyelash extensions

· Business basics

· Online booking

· Professional environment

· Building your brand

Career Opportunities in Eyelash Extensions Course and Training

  1. Eyelash Technician: Work in beauty salons or spas applying eyelash extensions for clients.
  2. Mobile Lash Technician: Offer eyelash extension services at clients’ homes or other convenient locations.
  3. Salon Owner: Open your own beauty salon specializing in eyelash extensions and other beauty treatments.
  4. Lash Trainer/Instructor: Teach eyelash extension techniques to new students at beauty schools or through private courses.
  5. Product Sales Representative: Work for companies that sell eyelash extension products and supplies, providing demonstrations and training to potential customers.
  6. Freelance Lash Artist: Provide lash extension services independently, building your own client base.
  7. Beauty Consultant: Offer expert advice on eyelash extensions and other beauty treatments to clients.
  8. Marketing and Brand Ambassador: Represent eyelash extension brands, promoting their products and services through social media and events.
  9. Beauty Blogger/Vlogger: Share your knowledge and skills in eyelash extensions through blogs, YouTube, or social media, potentially earning income through ads, sponsorships, and partnerships.
  10. Eyelash Extension Specialist in High-End Salons or Resorts: Provide exclusive lash services in luxury settings.


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