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Dr Ajay Sharma


Metaverse is one of the reputed and the top 3D animation & Film Making institutes in Chandigarh, India that has a legacy of educational excellence. We believe, that while technology 2022 offers new tools to create your visions, it is our ultimate goal to allow you to interact transparently with the latest software. Animation is one of the fastest growing and high paying career options in the world today. MetaVerse academy in Chandigarh. The demand for digital animation and media arts has increased multi-fold due to fast-paced developments in the sectors like advertisements, entertainment industry, gaming etc. A formal training can be of great help for acquiring the technical skills required for this field.

3D Animation & Visual Effects, Virtual Reality, Film making, NFT Designs, Game Designs & MetaVerse

Metaverse School’s teaching style has been created to simulate the real world industry as closely as possible. From their very first day at Metaverse Design School in India, our students will be studying in a studio-like environment using state of the art, industry aligned software and technology.

Metaverse animation institutes in Chandigarh is not for profit and completely student-focused. Attract plenty of job opportunities, choose the one you’ve always dreamt of and carve your future in 3D Animation & VFX, Blockchain, NFT, Crypto, virtual AR/VR, and augmented reality, UI/UX, Web Designs, Game Art, Visual Effects, Photography & Metaverse. just the way you imagined it. Start this triumphant journey with us. With India’s №1 Academy. Creative thinking and power of imagination plays an important role in the achievement of success in any field. It’s what we imagine, that we create and bring into existence.

Start creating your future!
Immersive Movie Making and Virtual Reality

We help them to meet their dream career by evaluating their blemishes and strengths. We also offer apprenticeship training for the students. We have a 100% Placement Record to date. Due to the ever-heightening requirement for a better job and securer career, the demand for training institutes is in high spirits.


Animation Placement in Chandigarh Metaverse Academy offers 100% Placement Assistance to all its students. The institute takes efforts to help students get placed across various verticals in the industry. The placement assistance that Metaverse Academy offers do not restrain to any particular duration. The institute even helps the student to build their careers throughout their life.

Gaming + Web 3.0 + Blockchain are Changing the Internet

Metaverse Academy — is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection and it can be defined as a simulated digital environment that uses Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Blockchain, along with concepts from social media, to create spaces for rich user interaction mimicking the real world.

Metaverse made it to the list of popular new words of 2021. Companies including Meta (earlier, Facebook Inc.) and NVIDIA initially made bold statements and took steps towards the parallel virtual universe. However, other tech giants are not far behind either. Google, Microsoft, Epic Games, and now Intel have also entered the Metaverse



Dr Ajay Sharma

Serial Entrepreneur-Managing educational Institutions, Morph , Zuri , Bigboxx & Professional Course like Air Hostess , Film and Music.Blockchain and Crypto