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Dr Ajay Sharma
2 min readNov 26, 2021

The SuperWorld mobile app brings the best of AR content to our decentralized virtual world

In MorphBoxfy, you can easily discover, create, and personalize the “real world” with persistent AR content, including videos, audio, photos, text, animation, and 3D objects.

The digital and cognitive revolutions are affecting how companies connect with users and employees. Companies are simultaneously looking to boost their consumer experiences and transform themselves internally. Boxfy and Morph Academy is a pure-play on the digital and cognitive space. We leverage the latest technologies and methodologies to help organizations transform in every aspect.

To create high impact web AR experiences you require the right set of experts. We have an in house team of 3D modelers, 3D animators, designers and technology professionals that help bring to life high quality web AR experiences which stand out.

Benefits of AR/VR in Businesses — Boxfy and Morph Academy

There are a multitude of applications where AR/VR technology is implemented to improve industries’ operational performance, higher ROI, and more. Some of the other notable ones include

Employ the ‘Try-Before-You-Buy’ Concept

The concept is gaining more ground with the integration of AR/VR technologies into the customer experience. Various industries will create an immersive scenario of their product and showcase it to their customers before buying it.

Technology Infrastructure

With AR/VR technology, industries can create a more significant digital journey on their existing infrastructure using enterprise resource planning, product lifecycle management, and much more.

Minimize Complexity

Many industries use AR/VR technologies to create an ecosystem of daily operations to minimize complexity and induce an error-free environment.

Risk-free option

Industries utilize AR/VR technologies to stimulate hazardous working conditions such as heavy machinery to improve performance and safety skills for their workers.

When you build a better company, you can build a better world. Metaverse Services by Boxfy and Morph Academy, Delivering High-Quality, Cutting-Edge, Online Training Solutions to Corporates

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