Top 6 Metaverse Crypto Projects with 10x Potential

Dr Ajay Sharma
4 min readNov 23, 2021

“As metaverses and metaverse-based ‘virtually live’ events and gaming continue to grow, Theta is positioned as the key infrastructure to power them across the technology stack. Their high concurrent user count of metaverse live events are a perfect fit for a peer-to-peer video and data delivery and showcase the need for the Theta protocol.” — Boxfy


SAND is the local token of SandBox, a blockchain-based game and metaverse world in which you can buy, sell, and claim various non-fungible token (NFT) assets, such as virtual plots of land. The Ethereum blockchain serves as the foundation for SAND. The fact that Ethereum is a stable and safe network is indeed an asset. On the other hand, Ethereum is notorious for charging high gas fees to users who want to buy and sell on its blockchain, so that’s one disadvantage of purchasing SAND. Sandbox can be purchased or sold on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, BitHumb.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland (MANA), also known as a “virtual social world,” includes the entire metaverse. To put it succinctly, Decentraland, which debuted in 2015, is a digital atmosphere that resembles the physical world. You can attend online events, play online games, trade digital products in marketplaces, and socialise with other members from all over the world in Decentraland. Decentraland can be purchased or sold on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, Kraken. Players or users can secure virtual property ownership with MANA and is well established and widely available. A cryptocurrency continues to operate on the Ethereum blockchain like SAND.

Nakamoto (NAKA)

Naka has just recently announced Nakaverse. Metaverse in NAKA has been rebranded to Nakaverse. It is one of the first metaverses that’s building with a real in-game economy. You can purchase virtual lands, make buildings etc. $NAKA token will be the native currency to be used in Nakaverse. I personally am very excited to see how this project shapes up. It is currently priced around 3 USD and I believe it has a long way to go.

Metahero (HERO)

Metahero is a 3-dimensional scanning technology that reconstructs real-world objects, including humans, into ultra-high-definition avatars. In other words, Metahero’s main objective is to transport physical objects into the digital, virtual world. Also, these virtual objects are officially introduced as NFTs. Metahero isn’t as well-known and well established as Decentraland; this just launched in the year 2021. However, due to Metahero’s fascinating, relatively new project, its token, HERO, is gaining a lot of attention among metaverse projects that have massive potential. Metahero can be purchased or sold on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as KuCoin,, PancakeSwap.

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Star Atlas is a next-generation gaming metaverse born from the convergence of cutting-edge blockchain, real-time visuals, multiplayer video games, and decentralised financial technologies. The Solana blockchain serves as the foundation for Star Atlas. It can be used to purchase digital assets such as ships, crew, land, and equipment. POLIS is another in-game monetary system that can be obtained in Star Atlas and is primarily used for in-game governance procedures. It can be purchased or sold on major cryptocurrency exchanges such as FTX,, Raydium.

Bloktopia (BLOK)

Bloktopia is a metaverse that includes a 21-story virtual skyscraper. Why so 21? The Bloktopia team, on the other hand, wishes to pay homage to Bitcoin, which has a maximum limit of 21 million. Bloktopia members can create their own avatars, participate in social activities, learn about cryptocurrency, and buy metaverse “real estate” in this VR skyscraper. Users could use this VR real estate to create artwork, games, obstacles, sequences, and more using a basic builder tool. The Polygon blockchain serves as the foundation for BLOK. Unlike Ethereum, it enables cheap and quick transactions. They have also announced a launchpad, Blokpad. I am extremely bullish on Bloktopia. Currently, it is trading at 0.09 USD.

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My personal take on Investing in Metaverse Projects

The current trend is Metaverse. And the trend is your friend in crypto. Now to invest in any Metaverse project confidently, first, you need to learn about the projects. We made a list of the top 6 Metaverse crypto projects which we think have a massive potential to give 10x and more in less than a year. However, nothing is certain in life and this is not financial advice. Do your own research.

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